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17 December 2007 @ 10:04 pm
Well it seems like I tried to keep this low but I wanted to speak with a few when i had my second thoughts.  Now note, I made my choice already, this is for "ME" nobody else, my mind is already set to this so save your energy to tell me other wise.

*sorry just want to save hearing the same stuff*

So let me start where I told two of my best friends about what I was going to do soon, or thinking about, and one of them didn't like it as the other was with me.  That one friend told me all the bad stuff would happen to me if I continued with my plan, and it may, but its not going to stop be b/c if I stay then I will be living the same life I am now and I don't like it one bit.  Its not that I have a crappy life style xD just most of this is aimed to make me a better person. *Most reasons I don't feel like explaining unless you know me in person*

This link should give you what im planing on doing.

Now that said, I need to take a test atm and then physical.  I did take the practice test and failed by 4 points.. and it was mostly on my math.  Im really good at math, but i was so rusty xD.  I have a study packet and looking at that every night so i know I can burn pass those 4 points. :3  I just got a call from my recruiter and said that im going to take the real test next Thursday, and if i recall he also said that I will take the physical the next day.  If i pass them both im in, no turning back and i have no problem on that. 

This has been on my mind for a long time, kinda one reason why i wasn't talkative to most ppl.  Im sorry to you guys that I really didn't IM you, I feel like shit but i couldn't help it.. 

Doing this is also show me something else but I can't test it unless I go.
So I will try to give you guys more updates on that soon ^^ 
*teh batty still loves you all :3*
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11 May 2007 @ 09:47 am
Lately I been thinking about how love would affect me if I really found it.  Since I been so use to being alone I really don't know how to time the moments together.  I have been so busy thought out my life not to mention I sadly got use to that, U_U I really can't picture my self with somebody now.  Also I feel like it may slow me down since I have to take some time from work and what not, but is that really a bitter way to say it?  I mean I've always wanted to experience love to the fullest and I feel that it may be soon, but my mind yet again been thinking XD

I really don't know what to do let alone say.   I still haven't found that person yet but if it soon..........will it be worth it?
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06 May 2007 @ 11:24 am
Man.....I can't tell ya how much of a busy month this has been.   Seems like I can ever get any days to my self lately =p  Been working my ass off again. its not even funny XD  Still tho.... had a little break down a few days ago.  Mostly was thinking about my past and how I don't want the same stuff happening back then to now. 

In the past I wasn't much of a talker and want not, aka had very few friends.  At that time I wanted to learn as much as I could to make my own,  but sadly the information I got was a bit more advance.  Funny to see that I'm really good to talk to but as your younger you wouldn't understand most of the stuff I talk about.  As this is into affect I tried to make some friends but nothing good happen, but im glad at one thing tho. I did make one friend and we have been best friends since mid school ^^.  I was so happy that he had enough balls to actually give me a chance, and look at us now :3  *Before I get off topic XD*  As him as my only  friend I felt it wasn't enough, b/c I wanted to do what everybody else was doing, going out with friends; chilling with a big group playing games; and if not make more friends.  I always wanted that even as im 19 I still want that, because I never had that as I was growing up from my youth.  Don't get me wrong Im glad I have a friend like him but even he knows how I feels and understand so ya :3.  Now that I have more knowledge and a bit older, I have some people that I can call my friends but the only down fall is....they live and madison and im over and Milwaukee >.>  do the math XD.

Im glad to have what I always wanted but the reason why I broke down was I'm not there to enjoy the company of them since Im so busy working and live an hour away  xD.  *sighs* oh well tho, when I get some days off I will surely head over there again ^^  Hell a few weeks ago I did have a few days off and of course head stright there lol 

Now comes the time where my life change to a new beginning .....now I have people worth protecting,  As I live i will support my allys no matter whats the cost.
17 April 2007 @ 08:38 pm
Got of work, just got home, now its time to act lazy and look stupid. lol  Right now im just trying to find out how im going to do this by heading to Madison.  Since I did save up enough money to head over there again I might as well come sooner then expected, not to say I would love to chill with my friends here and there no matter if it cost money :3  heh money is inevitable I think.   Anyway,  im hoping to see my three furry friends there and just hang around ^^ also have a bondage if it comes up.  jk :3 ( would be nice and interesting tho *chuckles*)  The nice part is I have a boss thats really cool and is able to give me three days off in a row so im able to stay over there for two days ^^ so im really happy and lucky on that. 

For some reason I have been in the mood to cook lately, so I'm most likely cook something up or at least try x3  It just makes me happy to see others happy when there done with the meal I made for them :3 I just hope they will like it lol don't want them to scar them for life and what not lol.

So far that's whats on my mind atm so talk to you guys later ^^
*btw if everything is set up right I might be able to meet another fur, unless he isn' t available that time ^^ he knows who I'm talking about :3 hope to see ya soon*
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16 April 2007 @ 12:28 am
Hello, just made an new account in LJ so Im still trying to find out how things works here XD.  Glad to find out this will keep some of my friends from bugging me to actually make an account here lol so that works for me  :3  will be posting more later but for now I will make this short and sweet.  I hope to make some new friends and also chat with other furs if I meet any here ^^   Well other then that off to bed for now.